016 16 Key Points to Consider for WordPress Business Setup

016 16 Key Points to Consider for WordPress Business Setup

So you want to jump on the WordPress train?  I say good for you!  WordPress is an awesome platform for setting
up your online headquarters.  You can have a single blog or a website that includes a blog.  The options are virtually endless, but there are…


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16 Key Points to Consider for WordPress Business Setup

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Here is your smart social media tip for today:  Plugins add additional functionality to any WordPress site. It is always great if you can use a plug-in that performs double duty.  Jetpack is one of those plugins.  It has a lot of cool functions such as enabling short codes to include spelling and editing features.  Jetpack is a large in size and is a heavy plugin and most of the included are automatically active.  You need to go in and deactivate all the features that you have no intention of using.  You never want unused plugins running in the background.

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Some Key Points to Consider for WordPress Business Setup

Self-Hosting – Yes you can set up your very own WordPress blog for free.  That is great if you have a personal blog or website.  If you want to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur you need to have a self-hosted site.  Self-Hosting is basically having your domain hosted by a web hosting company.  This is where your website and all the associated files are stored and housed.  You’ll have full control over your account and your can make any changes needed.  You’ll also need to purchase a domain name and there are monthly fees associated with this type of setup. Here are a couple of web hosting companies we use, BlueHost, Hostgator.  Although it is suggested that your site be set up using self-hosting, it is not required.  You can get up and running pretty quickly.



Web Hosting Resources

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Domain Name Selection – As stated above WordPress will allow you to choose a url for your site, but it will have .wordpress.com at the end. Here is an example, smartofficehelp.wordpress.com .  Wouldn’t it look better if it displayed as SmartOfficHelp.com?

WordPress Business Setup

Any savvy internet user will know that a website with the “.WordPress.com” at the end is a free site and it kind of makes your website/blog look cheesy. I will be the first person to say “We Love Free Stuff”.  However,  If you are serious about keeping things professional, free is not always a good thing.  Select a unique domain name that reflects your brand or company.  You can check the different hosting companies to ensure the name you would like to use is available.  Most of the good domain names may be already taken, but you may get lucky.  Have a couple of alternatives in your pocket just in case.

Choose a Responsive Theme –  Themes determine the look of your WordPress website/blog.  The way your website will behave for a person viewing your site on a mobile device as opposed to on a desk top computer is determined by its responsiveness.  Most themes these days have that responsiveness built-in.  Keep in mind most internet users are using mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads and other hand-held devices.  Make sure the theme you choose will meet your needs.

WordPress Business Setup
Actual WordPress Theme Called Responsive

Widget Support – Widgets give your WordPress theme some extra oomph.  The widgets can virtually reside anywhere on your blog.  Most are located on the right hand side of the webpage as an industry standard.  Widgets are very versatile and can include email opt in boxes, advertising, or a simple blog roll.  The important thing to consider is if the theme you’ve chosen or are about to select supports the type of widgets you want.

Spam Control – Most blog owners will expect commenters to be vigorously leaving their opinions on their fantastic blog post.  Unfortunately, so will the low down dirty spammers.  An unmoderated comment block is the perfect place for a hacker attack.  I’ve heard of some blog owners who have disable the comments altogether because of spammers.  That is definitely a personal choice.  If you do decide to allow comments on your blog be sure to have a way to control spam. Having your comments moderated (WordPress built-in feature) is an excellent way to head the spammers off at the pass.  I also recommend using Akismet.

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How to Subscribe – Once you get those wonderful views you want the readers to keep coming back for more.  Don’t automatically assume that they will know how to subscribe to your blog.  This is where your widgets will come into play.  Have a widget for your readers to easily subscribe to your blog.  You can also write a short note at the end of your blog post to instruct them on how to subscribe.  That is called a “Call to Action”.

WordPress Business Setup

Author Box – Most bloggers include an author box somewhere on each webpage/blog.  The author box can include anything you like.  It is a place where you can add your credentials or personal information for your readers.  You can add what you want your readers  to know about you or the author of the content they are about to or have read.

Plugins – I have a love hate relationship with plugins.  I mostly love them.  Plugins are extremely useful.  They add functionality to your blog without you knowing one iota of code. They can be time savers for those of us who have limited time to work on the behind the scenes part of our website/blog. Be careful as to how many plugins you install.  Plugins are notorious for slowing site load speed down and a bad plugin can wreck your site.  I’ve been there and done that.  Do your research in advance and you should be fine.

Set Up Categories with Care – People often start blogging and don’t give any consideration to the structure of their site.  With any business decision strategic planning and functionality need to be incorporated into your blogging strategy to ensure people can easily float around your site, to include the search engine robots as well.  Categories give your blog/website that structure. Each blog post should be included in at least one category.  You could go a step further and complete all category information to include even more keywords.

WordPress Business Setup

Menus – Everyone understands the importance of menus.  Not everyone knows what pages to include in those menus.  Be careful how many choices you give your readers when it comes to menu items, but do give them choices.  Here are some standard pages that should be included in every menu:

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Support
  • Services
  • About
  • Company

Tags – These are additional grouping options for topics included in your blog.  Adding a gazillion tags will not help your search engine ratings.  It is recommended that you use a maximum of 5.

Images – Always include images.  As a matter of fact include a number of images.  Humans are visual animals and love colorful imagery that tells stories.  Give your readers what they want.  Also make those images sharable by creating large images that also include text.  Shared images can generate traffic back to your site if the destination information is included.

Password Protected Post and Pages – WordPress has a fantastic feature that most don’t use or even know about.  That is protected post. The use of password protected post and pages are a fantastic way to share client information behind closed doors, so to speak.  You can make up any password you please and only share it with a select few.

Post to Facebook or Other Social Media Sites. Another great built-in feature is the ability to automatically share published post with the world using WordPress’ social sharing.  This is not automatically set up.  You’ll have to go into the general settings and add the specific URL links for each social media network you participate on.  Once this is done you’ll have the option of having post automatically shared at the time of publishing.

Watch Also How to Schedule WordPress Post

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Back That Thing Up – You’ll find that your website/blog will become a valuable asset for your company once you begin to create and post content to share.  It could all go away in the blink of an eye for many reasons.  Don’t assume that your information is automatically backed up just because it is living in the online world.  Check with your hosting company to find out exactly what types of backups are being performed on the servers your website is residing.  It is also important to find out the frequency of those backups and how to restore your site if something goes wrong.  Believe me, you don’t want to be “that guy” that assumes that it is all good only to find out that it’s not.  You can also install plugins which will keep your information intact just in case.  Also WordPress gives you the option of exporting data so you can save it directly on your computer.  Having a thorough and recent backup of all your information will definitely give you peace of mind.

WordPress Business Setup

Yoast SEO Plug-in is a Must – If I had to pick my ultimate number one favorite plugin, it would be Yoast SEO.  This is a multi functional plug-in.  Some of the functions that can be performed are adding additional code to headers, setting up social media network codes,  setting up meta information and the generation of XML site maps.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is easy to install and you’ll need to go through the settings to ensure your website and blog are optimized for search engines.

Secure Your Website – Remove WP login widget for your pages.  Also limit the number of user access.  Keep in mind that if you give administrative access to someone working behind the scenes (temporary) be sure to delete that access once the project is done.  Your WordPress site will become a huge asset so protect by any means necessary.  There are also a number of additional plug-ins that can be used to add additional security to your site.

16 Key Points for WordPress Business Setup shared by Elizabeth Hall SmartOfficeHelp.com P

WordPress websites and blogs can be a wonderful addition to any business social media marketing strategy.  I can’t say it enough, it will also become a valuable asset once you begin to create and publish content to it.  If done correctly it will become your branded online headquarters where your niche audience will be drawn to.  If you publish high quality content they will repeatedly visit your site allowing you to make your pitch and convert them to customers.

What are some WordPress Business Setup must haves for you?

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