020 Where Are You On the Social Media Learning Curve?

020 Where Are You On the Social Media Learning Curve?

Social media learning is a must have skill in this day and age.  There is no question that every business can benefit from having an online presence that can boost fans and followers into the ultimate sales funnel. That is what today’s show is all about.

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Smart Social Media Notes Podcast is a show sponsored by Smart Office Help Social Media Agency hosted by Elizabeth Hall.  Elizabeth Hall is a passionate writer, podcast producer, extraordinary social media consultant and avid lifestyle blogger. This show’s purpose is to provide educational information in reference to social media platforms, sprinkled with some business tips as well.  All this is shared in a podcasting format enabling you to listen when and where you choose.

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Where Are You On the Social Media Learning Curve?

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Todays Smart Social Media Tip is in reference to Instagram.  As I mentioned before we are now participating on Instagram and I’m learning more and more about it everyday.  You can follow us there and our handle is SmartOfficeHelp.  Just like Pinterest Instagram allows users to participate in a visual manner though the use of images.

You can only post your wonderful pics through your smart phone, but there is a way to beef up those images while sitting at your desk.  IconoSquare.com is a place where you can view the images that you and your followers post.  You can also beef up your comments and organize your followers and images into folders.

There are also some statistics available which are awesome.  This is a great way to manage your Instagram account.  You can head over to IconoSquare.com to find out more about this and really start maximize your Instagram account for an enhanced user experience.

FEATURED TOPIC (Transcript) 

Where Are You On the Social Media Learning Curve?

Are you going through the motions when it comes to social media or do your really understand what you’re doing?

This year was supposed to be a year of challenges for me.  It has becoming more of a year of learning instead.  Have you heard the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.”?  I definitely know a lot about using social media for online marketing.  I also know that it is tough for those who aren’t social media professionals to grasp the fact that it takes more than a month to get the social media momentum going in the stream of online noise.  

Before I go any further let me make sure that you, the reader or listener of this socially informed topic understand that this all about business social media.  I thought I should qualify my words because I’ve actually gotten some comments that people don’t understand how my blog post, podcast and training videos apply to personal social media usage.  Well there are some topics that I talk about that can be used on both personal and business social media profiles, but for the most part I am all business here on Smart Office Help’s website with a touch of my personal lifestyle.

I meet entrepreneurs everyday that don’t understand the gravity of using social media to boost their business’ online marketing visibility.  They still have a an old school business mind set.  The truth is that there is a shift, not a switch, for businesses and brands to include social media marketing in their overall marketing strategy.  I believe that it is ok to market offline at this point but I also believe that there are some miss opportunities for those that haven’t begun to make the shift into the online marketing realm.

With that said I’ve learned and preach that your social media is a work in progress and even us social media pros have to constantly be in social media class to stay on track with all the fast pace changes.  Sometimes those changes are not visible to the untrained eye, therefore it is important to know where to look.

Where Are You On the Social Media Learning Curve- by Elizabeth hall SmartOfficeHelp.com

There are specific steps that need to be taken before you get onto the social media bandwagon for marketing your business online.  It’s easy to start up a social media profile and post haphazardly.

1st – Have social media goals in mind for your business. Understand what exactly you want to accomplish when it comes to using social media to market your business?  If you have an issue answering this question than slow your roll.  Don’t waste your valuable time.  Take some time to make sure you are using social media for the right reasons when it comes to business usages.  If you still don’t have a clue get professional help.

NEXT- Figure out where your audience actually hangs out.  Because the ultimate goal is to drive traffic back to your website and make the sale.  We’re all in business to make the sale right?  It is great if you’re working in a field that you love.  Personally I would still be a super powerful social butterfly even if this was not my field of work, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  We all need compensation for our actions otherwise those actions would equate to a hobby and not a business.

So I digress.  Figure out who your audience is, where the best places are to communicate with your audience and optimize your social media profiles on the social media networks that will make the most impact for your efforts.

NEXT –  Fill out your profile completely.  Search engine optimization is a fantastic goal to have for your social media profiles.  That means making sure that you use lots of keywords.  A better way to put this is to ensure you are using  relevant keywords.

NEXT – And then the next thing you want to do is to make sure that you have all your images professionally done. Please don’t use stretched images. Stretched images look terrible and they are seriously unprofessional.

NEXT – Have a focused message. This is where my business social media observational, spidery senses go crazy.  I can’t tell you how many Facebook pages that have content that is all over that place and has absolutely nothing to do with the owner of the business.  I’m all for adding some personal touches, humor and some promotion.  But if you don’t post anything inline with your business’ message, again you are wasting your time, you just are.

I guess one could conclude that this whole rant has nothing to do with social media learning, but it does.  My best advice for anyone who wants to or is attempting to manage their own brands social media is to practice the art of baby steps.  Start with the basic steps that I mentioned and gradually step up your social media game by updating your social media profiles as you learn more of what will give your brand the most impact.

Never fall into the trap of having the mentality of “It’s all or nothing”.  You’ll end up with nothing if you do.

What have I learn this year so far?  Well we are a couple of months in but I have learned a lot.  I’ve learned:

Offline Network matters. So I’ve schedule time to got to networking functions to shake hands and kiss babies.  I love that saying “Shake hands and kiss babies”.

I’ve learned that embracing non traditional social media networks can also have a huge impact when it comes to online relationships.  We at Smart Office Help have began to participate on Instagram.  That is awesome.  There are tons of businesses who’re really using Instagram to boost their online reach beyond Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

On a personal note I’ve learned that there are times when you just have to live in the real world and save the social media usage for appropriate times.  Enjoy friends, family & live.

Again I will leave you with one last thought and that is always remember that your social media will be a work in progress.


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 I Ask Once Again Where Are You On the Social Media Learning Curve?

Let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

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