Twitter Hashtags Guide, Increase Search Engine Visibility

Twitter Hashtags Guide, Increase Search Engine Visibility

This is part 3 of the 10 part series Creating Twitter Marketing Success

Using Twitter Hashtags is an under utilized technique and should be used to give your Tweets super fuel.  Hashtags are more than a fun way to lump a bunch of words together to get a laugh. Think beyond the fun and think organization. At first glance hashtags only seem like a trendy way to say something, anything.  There is actually a lot to be said if you intend to use hashtags to boost and optimize your business Tweets.


hashtag sugerdaddy

Why You Should Be Using Them?

All joking aside, think of your Tweets as a vehicle to get your message out.  The URL’s you add can be a guide or road map to your brand’s sales funnel.  The hashtags are super fuel to get your Tweets seen on a global level.  As an entrepreneur you should be thinking on a global level when it comes to social  media marketing.

The great thing about using Twitter to market your business is that you are not limited regionally to the amount of people you can potentially reach.

Always remember you are Tweeting to planted earth.  That is a lot of people.  Hashtags will help you track those conversations on Twitter which will also make Twitter a huge content mining network and not just a place to have meaningful conversations.

Hashtags started on Twitter but are now used universally across most major networks and more are coming on board almost daily.

Hashtags are used to amplify Tweets for and on:

  • Trending Pictures
  • Online Humor
  • Television Shows and Commercials
  • Events
  • Humor
  • Special Promotions and Campaigns
  • Giveaways
  • You Name It

Hashtags Defined

Hashtags are denoted by # (pound sign) which turns any word into a click-able link.  Suddenly an ordinary word becomes a keyword with additional search engine visibility. Think of hashtags as keywords because that is exactly what they are.  Hashtags add an additional layer of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your content.

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Hashtags Are Used To:

Organize conversation in a single thread on Twitter.

Monitor specific discussions connected to specific hashtags.

Add search capabilities.

Track online humor for a particular topic.

Promote products and services.

Boost conversations about events, projects and things your organization is excited about.

Convey an idea such as humor. Example #SugarDaddyAlert

Announce Special Promotions and campaigns.

Maximize Giveaway participation.  An example would be #AmazonGiveaway .

Conversations can be tracked in real-time.  Real-time is huge.

How to Use Hashtags to Increase BUSINESS Visibility

It is important to understand how to effectively use hashtags specifically for business.  Always, always, always work and employ strategic tactics  when it comes to social media marketing.

Did you know less than 10% of businesses that participate on Twitter use hashtags.  That is a huge missed opportunity for them and a greater opportunity for you.  You can essentially have the upper hand with it comes to Tweeting reach.

Something to consider is that there is a difference between personal hashtag usage vs business hashtag usage.  People using hashtags on a personal level tend to attempt to be witty and funny.  That is great, but doesn’t really work for business use.  You’ll need to be purposeful with the hashtags you use, placement of those hashtags and of course timing is everything.

Here is How to Use Hashtags Strategically…

Target Audience / Audience Discovery – This means that some thought needs to be taken into consideration when you create or decide which hashtags to use.  Ways to perform this task is to analyze the demographics of your followers and your brand’s target audience.

Have Twitter Marketing Goals – If you haven’t already, it may be time to map out your brand’s social media goals.  The social media goals and objectives will help you to decide exactly how to speak to your organization’s ideal audience.

Take advantage of Keyword / Hashtag Visibility – Do some homework and search for possible hashtags that your brand can benefit from.  Hashtags not only show in Twitter search engines but the will appear in search engine results for Google.


Pros and Cons of Using Hashtags for Business

With any marketing strategies there are pros and cons.  There are also ways to mitigate the disadvantages of Hashtag usage.


Hashtags used will be trackable. Massive visibility is the ultimate goal of this strategy.

Others can find conversations using your unique hashtag. This is not limited to the Twitter network.

Hashtags are archived in search engine results.

Easy interactions with others using specific hashtags.

The full Tweet does not need to be Retweeted in order for the hashtag to be effective.

Hashtags can be evergreen in nature and used perpetually.

They can also be used to express emotion.

Hashtag happiest day


  • Hashtags use valuable character space.
  • Hashtags can be overused and not very effective.
  • Using too many hashtags can make your Tweet unreadable.
  • Using too many hashtags can make your Tweet look spammy.
  • Overuse of hashtags in an irrelevant way could get your Twitter business profile banded.
  • Repeating Tweets with hashtags to attempt to trend a Tweet is another no no.

Brand Recognition = Frequent Used Hashtags

Rules for Hashtag Usage

Twitter has many unsaid or unwritten rules of engagement.  Hashtags also have the same types of rules.  Of course as with all unsaid rules some common sense is what needs to be considered. The Twitter community as a whole dictates the way hashtags should be used and what is deemed acceptable.

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The unwritten rules include:

Don’t go crazy and overuse.

Must have #(pound sign/symbol) in front.

There can be no spaces within the hashtags.

The Right Way –  #TwitterMarketingTips

Wrong way #TwitterM arket ing Tips

Group words together.



Don’t use punctuation marks.

Keep hashtags simple.

You can use hashtags created by others without repercussions.

You can use multiple hashtags within a Tweet.

Hashtags should be relevant.

Use trends to jump on to popular conversations.

Private Tweets kill hashtag visibility.

Hashtags can be place anywhere within your Tweets.

You don’t have to ask for permission.

How to Brainstorm and Find the Right Hashtags

Some shopping around is in order to insure you use the right hashtag for the right campaign, the right promotion, the right moment.  Knowing the best hashtags to use may require some research.  Here are a few places to figure out which hashtags best fit your brand and specific message you are attempting to convey. – Hashtagify is a hashtag search engine.  It allows you to find the best hashtags to reach your audience and it is completely free. You can enter a hashtag and Hashtagify will analyze it and show you related terms.  It’ll also display a popularity score and recent Tweets using that particular hashtag. You’ll also be shown the top influencers using that hashtag. – Ritetag allows you to create a Tweet using your desired hashtags.  It will then analyze your Tweet before you send it out and makes suggestions for improvement.  It’ll also give a score for the chances of that hashtag being discovered. This is a great tool to use if you are just starting on your hashtag journey.  Once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature. is a popular hashtag directory that will show you trending and popular Tweets.  They also have paid analytical features to track and follow specific Tweets. is also a hashtag directory.  You can also register a hashtag, but it is not necessary.  There is no ownership on hashtags. You can also track popular and trending tweets using

HashtagScout  will display related hashtags and show the popularity of the hashtag you enter.

Honorable Mentions…

TweetDeck  is a monitoring and management tool specifically for Twitter.  You can use the power of filtering feeds on Tweetdeck.  You can track hashtags for people on your Twitter list.  It is an excellent way to track hashtags used by your competitors.  You could also track hashtags for Retweeting purposes. is a content management system use to monitor and maintain social media accounts.  Just like TweetDeck feeds can be created and sorted.  Additional filtering will allow you to track hashtags.  It is very useful to follow conversations using specific hashtags.

Examples of Hashtags Being Used for Business

Here are some terrific examples of hashtags used off of social media where the hashtags act as an integration tool between the online world and traditional offline marketing.

Television Commercials and Television shows



Beach Social Media

Airplane Banner Advertising

Sporting Event

Hashtag Worldcup Screen Shoot


Additional Tips for Using Hashtags for Business

Plan ahead to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  This is especially true if you intend to perform advance promotions for product, services or event launches.

Brainstorm to create unique and effective hashtags that will lead followers to your social media goals.

Keep your hashtags simple.  Simple is always better.  Be concise and not witty.

Use relevant hashtags.  Attempting to use the latest trending hashtags that has nothing to do with your organization’s overall message won’t do your brand any justice.  This could give your followers the perception that your Tweets are being tricky and maybe your profile is a spam account.

Keep hashtags short.  The shorter the better.  This will allow you to use more than one hashtag within a Tweet and still be able to craft a Tweet that makes sense.

With that said don’t use more than two hashtags within a Tweet.  Too much of a good thing can be bad in this case.

Announce hashtags to attendees of a special event and to your audience often. If you’ve done a good job of connecting with your audience they will become your brand ambassadors and also Tweet the chosen hashtags to their followers.

Click here for more tips and full Twitter Hashtag Guide

Forward Thinking

As an entrepreneur or business owner it important not to get caught up in the moment but think of how your actions will be viewed in the future and what value todays actions will have tomorrow, a week from now or years from today.  Organize, track, add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value, and click-ablility to your keywords for maximum audience interactions.

Hashtags can be used to tell a story over time.  That means what you say today could come back to bite you in the backside tomorrow.  As long as your communications are positive, professional and pertinent there shouldn’t be an issue.

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Again you can download the complete Definitive Guide to Hashtag Action Guide to help you increase and maintain your follower momentum.

If you’re still on the fence about what Twitter has to offer then the Dig Deep Twitter Marketing Action Sheets Guide is a great place to start.  The book includes as a bonus 14 worksheets to assist any Entrepreneur with learning how to take full advantage of what Twitter has to offer.  At the same time the actual actions sheets will walk you through what needs to be in place to make the most of your Twitter activity.

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