How Does Twitter Add Value for Business Owners

How Does Twitter Add Value for Business Owners

If you’re reading this then you are most likely a business owner who would like to use Twitter for business growth and also to get the one up on the competition. The underlying question when it comes to using any social network is

“Where is the Value in Using Twitter?”

The definition of “value” depends on what an organization’s goals for using Twitter are in the first place. Does value mean getting more leads, product promotions or growing an online presence? Twitter can undoubtedly do all these.

Value ( – the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.

Here are a FEW ways Twitter adds value for any active business:

✔ Twitter allows businesses to deliver relevant content to their loyal followers. If homework has been performed, the characteristics of the followers should resemble the business’ target audience. This is crucial because the goal of having an online voice is to be able to communicate effectively with readers, watchers, and listeners. Content is king and the right content can be considered gold.

✔ Twitter can be leveraged in many different ways to get the expected results from followers. Twitter has many tools to accomplish this by using features such as Twitter advertising, one-click email opt-ins or posting recorded video messages.

✔ Twitter enables organizations to connect with vendors and clients alike. There is a real-time connection that can be made. Let’s not leave out the fact that there can also be a bit of spying on the competition and it is completely legal.

✔ Twitter is a great place to have organic conversations with customers. There is definitely a place for some automation when it comes to posting relevant content. However, all content doesn’t have to be over thought out. Customers love to follow companies that are relatable. An example is to have postings that talk about ordinary day-to-day activities within the organization. Of course be sure that these conversations are professional and are product or personnel related.

✔ Twitter is a fantastic network to learn what your audience wants to hear. Those owners whom already have established active accounts will attest to the fact that their audience will communicate in a nonverbal way what they are interested in. That can come in the form of Twitter love, retweets or direct messages directly to staff.

✔ Twitter has the ability to expand an organization’s online reach and attract the right followers. I will say there are workflows and systems that can be implemented to get to that right followers and communicate to specific audiences. Every tweet has the ability to be seen and shared globally.

✔ Twitter can be used to promote products by posting sales for followers that have a time element. There are also promotional products available (some free) to assist with getting sales faster.

Globally Communicate Beyond Your Circle

✔ Consider utilizing Twitter Advertising which can take an organization’s message beyond subscribed followers. It is definitely worth taking a look at.

✔ Twitter allows you to perform split testing when advertising. Testing is a huge part of being successful and meeting organizational goals. Figuring out what works and tossing what doesn’t will prevent a business from spinning their “preverbal wheels” in the wrong direction.

✔ Twitter advertising offers the ability to use segmentation to reach the right audience. Knowing audience dynamics is critical for any type of online marketing strategy.

twitter globallyWays to Spark Conversations

Twitter is not just a news platform any long. Businesses are quickly coming on board to connect with followers and provide their audiences with relevant information to attract paying customers. Find out what your followers are receptive to by frequently polling them. This can also be a conversation starter.

Another way to spark conversations is for business owners to be proactive and reach out to potential customers/current followers. Remember to talk and post content in a human way. It can’t be said enough, never forget to be a human and add a personal touch.

People buy from people and not from businesses.

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Elizabeth is a Twitter marketing consultant specializing in helping business owners increase profitability using twitter marketing techniques in US and UK.

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