Brand Building with Real-Time Audience Engagements

Brand Building with Real-Time Audience Engagements

This is part 5 of the 10 part series Creating Twitter Marketing Success

Twitter allows real-time communications which is what I live for. I love the back and forth that comes with all things social media. The Twitter network is one of the best places to do this.

Me <-> You

Being engaged is two way communication at it’s best. When someone talks to you, you listen and respond (PERIOD). It is the back and forth that equal communication.

Don’t talk AT your followers, talk to them when they speak.

It is also important to be selective with your favorites and sharing. The content you favorite and re-share will stand for your brands ideals and values. So lets take a closer look at the act of engaging.

Engagements Can Be:

Taking time to add value for others and serve your audience with content they crave. Also the perception of brand awareness can be molded not only by what you share but how you respond to others.

Providing feedback is a great way to let others know what your brand values, what’s important and it is a great way to show support for causes to include ideas your brand stands for. You can also provide feedback to others and their businesses. This is especially useful for relationship building with industry influencers.

Replies are a fantastic way to talk to your followers one on one. It is not always necessary to put conversations on blast. This is especially useful when communicating with influencers within your industry. A short response, quote or comment can go along way to building relationships with what could be considered strangers.

Direct Mentions of your brand could be an indication of the value of the content you distribute on your followers Twitter feed. Sometimes it is just a way for others to attempt to get your attention. That attention in most cases is positive and warrants a response. Don’t leave your followers hanging when they mention your brand.

Engagement can also come in the form of Retweets which  encompass sharing on all levels. When sharing content from others be selective and make sure the Tweets you share meet your brand’s standards. The Tweet should have relevant content and the URL should be valid with additionally relevant content.

Favorites are another indication of what values your brand stands for. Keep in mind that favoriting a Tweet is the equivalent to liking a post on Facebook, except others can view your current and past favoriting activity.


Social Listening for Real Value Added Engagement and Customer Service

Social listening is all about keeping your finger on the pulse of social media. That can be done by utilizing third-party monitoring services such as Google Alerts, TalkWalker Alerts, Mention Alerts .

Social Listening Includes:
Analyzing what your followers expect and want.

  • Monitoring all things that have to do with your brand online.
  • Social listening will allow your brand to put an effective social media strategy in place.
  • You’ll also be able to have your website ready for what your audience is looking for once they make the move to head over to your true headquarters.

Your website will be the place where the selling magic will happen.

Twitter Landing Page Screen Shot

Social Listening Allows You to Monitor:

  • Feedback for promotions and events.
  • Customer happiness.
  • Helps companies to stay on top of product discrepancies. Your brand will have time to head off conversations that could be detrimental to the brand’s reputation.
  • Fix customer disparities.
  • Correspond with customers on a personal level.
  • Chat with industry leaders on relevant topics.
  • And also communicate with the competition to promote goodwill.
  • Create an Engagement Strategy.

With the information gathered from feedback, given by followers,  your brand can devise an engagement plan to stay on top of pertinent communications.  Increase quality followers faster by understanding what your followers and potential leads are looking for. Attract followers with content and share industry content.

Monitoring brand conversations are a fantastic way to use social listening to stay on top of your social game.

Have a Current Content Marketing Strategy in Place

Reaching out and giving a virtual hand shake to those that acknowledge you for your valuable content sharing is another great way to start and keep meaningful conversations going.  However…….

Entrepreneurs are good at avoiding the fact that in some point of their online life they’ll have to become a content marketer. There is no way around it.  Content marketing is what attracts inbound traffic to websites and keeps audience coming back for more.  That would be more value added content.

It is possible to get a fair amount of traffic to your brand’s website, but if there is no value or content  that audiences find beneficial then they will leave and never come back.

Twitter Content Inventory Ideas

Effective Content Marketing Strategies Include:

Informative industry content.  Keep in mind that your audience will be looking for specific content that they can use for themselves.  Be a resource and not just a one hit wonder.

Ensure the content you share is current and up to date.  Yesterday’s news is just yesterday’s news and could be a deal breaker.

Share relevant content that makes sense for your brands overall message and social media objectives.  That means staying in your brands lane. Sharing relevant content will allow your brand to be seen as a subject matter expert.

Don’t shy away from sharing your best stuff.

Create fresh content which also means keeping content up to date. This is really a no brainer assuming your good at what you do.

Create evergreen content. That means the information you share will be perpetually relevant.

“Perpetual – continuing or enduring forever; everlasting.”

If you intended to share your content on other social networks make it different.  Keep in mind that your true fans will follow you on more that one social media network if you ask.  So give them a different take on content posted from your website.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Yay! She’s finally an author. Check out my author page and buy the book. — Elizabeth Hall (@SmartOfficeHelp) May 11, 2015

Respond, Respond, Respond

Have you ever sent a message to someone on Twitter?  Not just a short hello or a link to a sales page, but an actually message to reach out to someone.  Maybe it was in the form of a question or a shout out for the great sharing that they do.

BUT all you get back is tumble weed.  How did that make you feel?  Did you feel small and insignificant?  If there was an opportunity to use that person’s services or purchase their products would you?

Responding to your followers could be a deal breaker.  You never know who will become your customers until they become your customers so treat them all the same.  That is pretty much customer service tip #1.

Here are Some Diverse Ways to Respond to Your Valued and Special Community on Twitter:

  • Respond to Direct Mentions
  • Respond to Retweets
  • Thanks Followers
  • Acknowledge Sharers
  • Add Your Opinions in a Human Way
  • Add Meaningful Comments to Your Retweets

Be the One-Up Man or One-Up Brand

There are always ways to stay ahead of the competition.  On Twitter that means staying on the social radar, shaking hands and kissing babies whenever possible, virtually of course.

Up the way you talk to people. You don’t need to have long drawn out conversations to make meaningful connections.  It is not always what you do but it is the way you do it.

Give your brand some personality.  Be human. Even large brands find a way to connect with its targeted audience on a human level.  It is all about attracting your audience to your brand, finding ways to keep their attention and interacting with them.

Use automation for good.  Third party automation services shouldn’t be used as a “Set it and Forget it” tool.  It is great to use automation for a small percentage of your communications.  The big guns need to come out when it comes to actually talking and providing the two-way communications needed.

How to Measure

Time is money and money is time.  Post this all around your office if you plan on running a successful business.

There is always a way to measure what is working.  Before you attempt to figure out if the communications you are sending are working as planned you need to evaluate your goals.

The Question….What do you intend to accomplish when using social media (Twitter) for business marketing and promotions?

Then and only then will you be able to began to take a look at what needs to be done.

Some statistics to look are will be:

  • What content gets the best engagement?
  • What are the best times to connect with your most responsive audience?
  • What gets shared the most.  Remember the more your Tweets are shared the greater reach and visibility your brand will have?
  • Are your followers clicking off of Twitter and going to your website?
  • Is your following increasing?  This could be a great indication of the quality of your content.

A fantastic way to take a look at all the statistics mention is through the native Twitter analytics dashboard.  This can be accessed from the settings drop down on your profile.

Have Realistic Expectations

One last thing that I’d like to mention is expectations.  If you only Tweet once a day, don’t expect miracles to happen.  The results you get will be in direct correlation to the work you put in.

If you’re still on the fence about what Twitter has to offer then the Dig Deep Twitter Marketing Action Sheets Guide is a great place to start. The book includes as a bonus 14 worksheets to assist any Entrepreneur with learning how to take full advantage of what Twitter has to offer. At the same time the actual actions sheets will walk you through what needs to be in place to make the most of your Twitter activity.

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