015 Show Some Luv with Social Media Profile Maintenance

015 Show Some Luv with Social Media Profile Maintenance

Everyone has a favorite social media network to play on.  Even those that claim to be using social media for business.  Those entrepreneurs invite people to “LIKE” or “FOLLOW’ them only on their favorites;  however, they only update status posting there and they make sure the contact information is on point….sometimes.

What about the ones less liked?  There is nothing in the rule book that says you must  participate everywhere.  The fact is that most business owners, with websites, promote all the social media networks that they open.  The problem is that most of those social media profiles only have tumble weed rolling around on them.

I see tons of websites with social icons that go to nowhere.  Being the social media PROfessional that I am, I always check.  Personally I want to see whose doing it right.  Besides that I’m always looking for people to follow especially if they have useful information.  I imagine that is what most people in your niche audience do.


Show Some Luv with Social Media Profile Maintenance http://smartofficehelp.com-itunesWHY?

Why are you sending me to dead accounts?  Better yet why do you even have the icons on your website at all when most of the links don’t even work? I can’t make this stuff up folks.  As a social media consultant and affectionately self name social media junky, I see it all.  Although I’m a social media junky I don’t like social media junk and I bet your readers don’t either.

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There is no way to be in all places at all times.  Who has time to participate on all the major social media networks?  Of course there are so many more outside of Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few.  Well I do it BUT I’m a social media professional.  That’s what I do.  I’m guessing you’re not and you have plenty of other task that need to be accomplished on a daily basis in order to keep your business running like a well oiled machine.

The Secret….

Even I  don’t have time to be on all MY social media networks specifically for Smart Office Help.  That’s right, I’m coming clean.  I do have some social media survival skills that help me to maintain an active online persona.  I have a plan of attack that works.  Here’s how you can be a consistent poster, manage visibility and maintain your accounts.

My Super Simple Formula

  • First list the social media accounts that you’ve decided will be beneficial to your brand.
  • Remove the icons to any inactive accounts from your website.
  • If you have inactive accounts, leave a note on them to tell your readers where you ARE active.
  • Next block out time everyday and I do mean everyday for social media activity.  You can try at least 5 days a week.  Don’t start flipping out because that sounds like a lot of time.  Maybe 30 minutes to an hour will be plenty.  Anything less than that will be worthless time spent.
  • Pick a social media profile from your list and work on it for 15 mins ONLY.  If you blocked out an hour then you’ll be able to spend time on 4 in one day, if you participate on that many social media networks.  I do, so that is reasonable.
  • If you can’t work on them all in one day, leave it for the next day.  On that next day start with the ones that didn’t get attention the day before.

Here is an example :  (This is a pretend list because I’m all over the place on social media. 🙂 ) It contains Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  In this example I’ll block out 1 hr a day for social media updates and social media profile maintenance.

1st 15 minutes – I will log on to Twitter, take a quick peek at my statistics, share some content, include some followers to my list and follow some profiles.  (It sounds like a lot but it can be done.  Besides this is an example.  🙂 )

2nd 15 minutes – I log into Facebook, respond to comments, share some content and read my newsfeed.  There is always sharable stuff in newsfeeds if you follow the right people.

3rd 15 minutes – Log into LinkedIn, respond to any comments, quickly check out a couple of groups that I participate in and do a few quick updates to my profile.  This is totally doable.

It is not complicated and it is not rocket science.  It only requires a plan of attack.  Don’t worry if you miss a day.  Try to resume your schedule as soon as possible which hopefully will be the next day.  You don’t want to be off line for too long.

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Show Some Luv with Social Media Profile Maintenance shared by Elizabeth hall SmartOfficeHelp.comKeep it Fresh

I wanted to point out one more thing and that is the fact that you need to keep the contact information fresh on your social media profiles. Yes it is great to post status updates often but what about all the juicy information in your about statements and descriptions?  How is your cover art looking?  Is everything up to date, current and looking fresh?  They may need some TLC (that is Tender Loving Care).

Here Are a few Tips for Updating Your Descriptions:

  • Ensure that the keywords are still in line with your brands goals.
  • This would be a great time to add to your descriptions to make it more powerful.
  • Check all the links making sure they are valid.
  • Update contact information if needed.
  • Your website should reflect the correct links to your social media profiles and they should also be working properly.
  • Change your profile image for a fresh look every now and then.
  • Make sure your profile is branded and is perceived in a positive light.

You now have a plan of attack to really give your social media profiles maintenance the love it deserves.  Your audience will appreciate it.

How are you Showing Some Luv with Social Media Profile Maintenance?


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