Make the Correct Social Media Profile Choices, Business vs Personal

Make the Correct Social Media Profile Choices, Business vs Personal

(Free Content)  Social Media Profile Choices

I found the need to discuss this particular subject after watching a video that a realtor company gave in reference to social media 101.  I often lurk around websites, YouTube channels & social media sites pertaining to my industry.

I’m a spy like that.

I find it to be very healthy to do a bit of competitor espionage to stay on top of my game.

Stay in Your Lane …

I ran across some social media training material being present by a non-social media professional.  The trainer did a fair job, but there were a few points that really made the hair on my head stand up.  It actually freaked me out a bit.

One thing that really got my attention was when the instructor stated the fact that it was not necessary to set up a business profile for social media.  In fact the instructor actually strongly recommended not to.

Well I said to myself  “Self, that is what happens when you take advice from someone who doesn’t have a clue”.  That sounds harsh, but it is true.

Trust but Verify….Always!

You should always make informed decisions based on what you learn.  At the same time you really need to consider the source.

Enough about that.  Let me give you some information to consider before you decide whether or not to take the business profile leap.  And it is your decision.

Here are 14 Benefits to Help You Make an Informed Decision About Your Social Media Profile Choices


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1. Your personal profile may have questionable content. Your personal social media profiles are just that, very personal in nature. That means there could be some content floating around that will not go over well with your business audience.

2. Business profiles have access to in-depth analytics.  Personal profiles don’t.  It’ll become increasingly important to track your statistics to gauge the effectiveness of your activities as your networks grow.  Without statistics you’ll basically be shooting in the dark when it comes to your social media management strategies.

3. Professionalism is super important.  You definitely should add a bit of your personal voice to your business social media profile, but remember business is business.  You want to be viewed as a professional in your industry.

4. The choice you make can affect how people follow you.  I’ve been to many (air quotes) business pages and was unable to follow because there was not even a place to request a follow or a like button.  Your potential fans will move on if you make it hard to follow.

5. Professional profiles have access to advertising.  There is no need to explain this.  As a business it will become necessary at some point to advertise.  Don’t shot yourself in the foot by limiting your marketing opportunities.

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6. Privacy settings on personal profiles can be a blockade.  If you chose to use your personal profile, you must make darn sure your audience will be able to engage with you.  Also consider what personal information you’ll be making viewable & available to the public.

7. Commingling business with pleasure can be a deal breaker.  Consider the types of content being posted.  Too much personal content could be a sign to your audience that you don’t take your business seriously.  Thus your audience will again move on to the next best thing.

8.  Personal profiles may have a limit on the number of followers or fans you have.  An example is Facebook.  You can have a maximum of 5,000 friends on your personal profile.  As a business that number is unlimited.  Growth should be on your list, so why limit your options.

9.  Your activity will be different for business.  You objectives will be to provide valuable content related to your business to increase your followers and keep your audience coming back for more.  Personal images, jokes and videos that are irrelevant can quickly turn them off.

10. Don’t alienate your friends will business content.  This is the opposite from number 9.  What will your friends think of you when all they see is business information.  That’s not what they signed up for I’m sure.

11.  Focus your message on business.  Social media objectives should be included in your marketing strategy.  Do baby pictures fit into that strategy?  It does if you are in the baby product industry.  You get the point?

12.  You can promote your brand on your business profile.  There are rules that must be followed.  On most social media profiles personal is supposed to be personal (period). Watch how & where you promote your business.

13.  You will have additional opportunities to market using your about page and images on business profiles.  Of course you won’t have that with a personal profile.

14. Don’t go to virtual jail.  Using your personal profile for business can be against the terms and service agreement.  Make sure your read them for each social media platform you participate on.  You don’t want to be shut down.

Don’t treat your social media for your business like a hobby.  Be serious about the content you post and always be professional.

Are you for using personal profiles for business?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media profile choices.

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6 Responses to Make the Correct Social Media Profile Choices, Business vs Personal

  1. When I started being active on my personal google plus and later on started my business profile on google plus, my personal profile had more views than my business profile. But immediately I started getting business in my google plus business profile, 6 months down the line I started getting “jealous” ~ ask me why???!!!
    My google ➕ business profile tripled my personal profile views. I even got more “madder” {if there is such English word} when my business view just one day shot to 350k views at once while my profile view, well was just my profile view. From that day on, I stopped comparing those two profile views because I got “ashamed”: right now the business profile view is nearing a 1Million views mark while, yeah my personal profile views just hit a hundred thousand views just the other day.

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