Shocking Twitter Etiquette, Reasons You Get Unfollowed on Twitter

Shocking Twitter Etiquette, Reasons You Get Unfollowed on Twitter

It freaks me out when I get unfollowed on Twitter.  Why? Well you could say it stems from not wanting to be rejected for any reason. It could be that it places doubt in my mind. Maybe my Tweets aren’t good enough. I believe the truth is I’ve become emotionally attached to my followers. Although I preach “No Emotion” when it comes to social media, it’s sometimes hard to separate the two. Always keep in mind, that business is just business.

Shocking Reasons You Get Unfollowed on Twitter

  • You are Inactive.Your followers don’t want to follow a rock. They expect to follow someone who’ll possibly have some type of interactions with them.  If your followers are tweeting for business reasons, they’ll also be expecting to follow someone who will possibly pass on their tweets to others in the form of a retweet.  A rock can’t do that.
  • You don’t follow back. Why should someone continue to follow you if you’re a habitual non-follower?  Basically they can see your Tweets, but you can’t see theirs.  That is a one-sided arrangement, don’t you think? They may as well follow the inactive rock.
  • You post unsavory photos that could be considered (P$%n) or close to it.  This statement pretty much says it all.  Yes those types of images are floating around, even on Twitter.  I saw a couple.  I had to wash my eyeballs out to get that shocking vision out of my head.
  • Your language is unbecoming of a lotus blossom. Be professional.  You never know who is watching.

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  • You follow back usually, but it takes too long to actually hit the follow button. Remember that Twitter has a ratio of how many people you can follow & unfollow daily.  You could be holding a spot for someone who will not only follow back, but interact with the person that is requesting the follow.  Sounds confusing, but I think you get it.
  • Reasons you get unfollowed on twitterYou’re an egg in every way.  Your profile picture is an egg. You have no profile information. You don’t respond to messages.  You don’t have any intentions on conversations with anyone, EVER! If it looks like an egg, talks like an egg (hint: eggs don’t talk), walks like an egg (hint: eggs don’t walk), then you guessed it.  IT’S AN EGG!
  • You were a victim of circumstance or the victim of a unfortunate accident. Sometimes you are unfollowed by mistake.  Don’t take it personal. (Unfollow that person and follow back) They’ll most likely re-add you to their Twitter following.
  • Your account got suspended. That means you’re a rule breaker.  We can’t have a meaningful Twitter relationship like that, so you got to go.
  • You’re a spammer & didn’t know it. If your only mission in life is to promote, promote, promote, without adding value then you are a spammer. You really should rethink your strategy if this description fits your Twitter activity.
  • You look like a robot or zombie. It’s possible to Tweet with no personality.  Using misleading text to links for sales purposes only is a dead giveaway.
  • You send promotional DM’s (Direct Messages) as soon as someone follows you. Well all I have to say on this one is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Don’t make the above mistakes and you should be safe. Happy Tweeting!

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 Can you think of reasons you get unfollowed on Twitter?


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