Increase Marketing Momentum by Increasing Twitter Followers

Increase Marketing Momentum by Increasing Twitter Followers

This is part 2 of the 10 part series Creating Twitter Marketing Success

Increasing marketing momentum by increasing Twitter followers seems like a no brainer but that really is not the case.  It isn’t enough to create a Twitter business account and wait for followers.  You’ll have to finesse people into following, interacting with you, following you over to your website where information can be collected and real business transactions can take place.

Twitter Evaluation You Can Use

Here are a few areas we evaluate when a client comes to Smart Office Help for Twitter Management:

  • How long has the account been active?
  • What is the quality of the followers?
  • How many of those followers are fake?
  • What is the overall vibe of the Twitter Business profile?
  • Have there been consistent postings in the past?
  • Who’s watching the hen house and managing the accounts?
  • Is there any true engagement?
  • What does the bio say about this profile?
  • Last, has the number of followers increased over time?  If there are only a few hundred followers and the account has been active for six years, there could be a problem.

Numbers and Business

Numbers are what business plans rotate around.  Higher numbers mean higher profits for successful business owners whose goals are to make increased profits as time goes on.

When it comes to “business social media” the numbers take on a different meaning.  Increasing the number of followers doesn’t necessarily mean increased profits. Not every follower will be part of your niche audience.  Some are lurkers (those that look but don’t participate or engage in the conversations).

Some people only want to gain more followers.  Don’t be that guy, but keep in mind that you’ll have followers who hunger for valuable relevant content. That is when you can shine as a business.

Twitter Followers as a Business Assets

Followers of your business should be considered much more than a number.  They could be potential customers, brand ambassadors or influencers in your industry.  It would be beneficial to treat them ALL as future customers since there is no way of knowing who will buy from you.  After all, leads could become business assets (customers).

To expand a bit:

Potential Customers – The title speaks for itself.    Again unfortunately not all followers will be clients. You’ll have to have several encounters and points of contact with those that may buy from you in the future.  Then and only then will they like and trust your brand enough to fork over their hard earn dough.

Greater reach can be obtained quickly, easily and growth can be increased at a steady pace if you have a solid Twitter following strategy in place.

X SOH Follower Up to 201502
SmartOfficeHelp follower growth from 9/13/2013-02/10/2015

In the graph above you can see that we at Smart Office Help have had a steady momentum of follower growth over the lifetime of our Twitter business profile, which is what you can have.  The kicker is to not focus on the speed of growth so much.  Steady growth is what you’ll need to keep an eye on.

Having the same 200 followers month after month is ok, but that is not how a successful business operates.   Also, those 200 followers are great, but the next question would be, are they relevant followers?  How many of those 200 followers fit the customer demographics based on your brand’s goals and objectives.


Follow those that fit within your organization’s customer demographics.  One of the unsaid Twitter etiquette rules is to follow  those that follow you.  That follow back rule will be crucial to attracting future customers.

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Having a successful following routine can be done in less than 10 minutes per day. There is no need to spend half the day on Twitter.  What will happen over time is that your Twitter business account will attract organic followers without you physically being on Twitter.

Goals, Goals, Goals

One of the most important things to keep in mind is it to follow the right people.  This is definitely one of the easiest ways to build momentum.  A steady upward ascent of followers is what you want to see.  Utilize Twitter’s comprehensive analytical dashboard to take a look at the demographics of your followers.  This is another great way to measure the effectiveness of the time spent managing your business Twitter Account.

Twitter Anaylitics


The operative word here is going to be relevant.  You want a fair portion of those followers to be relevant.  It is easy to obtain followers, but you need to be strategic to have the right audience within that mix.

 3 Steps to Twitter Audience Discovery

Advance Data Gathering – You’ll need to do your homework first.  Understanding your organization’s goals will be uber important for your brand to head in the right direction and avoid spinning it’s per-verbal wheels when it comes to niche audience discovery.  Some competitive analysis is also in order to help you to increase website traffic and snag sales conversions.

Knowing Where to Find Relevant Followers – Once you have relevant demographic information about your niche audience you’ll be able to quickly figure out where to find the right audience.  You can use Twitter’s advanced search to hone in on those you believe to be your future customer base.

Understanding How to Attract Organic Followers – No one wants to be on Twitter 24/7.  There are important business task to be handled throughout the day.  There will be a point when your Twitter business profile will grow without you spending a significant time tracking down your audience.  However, you’ll need to have your brand’s profile set up completely and correctly in order for it to naturally attract the right audience.

Twitter Follower Guide

Download Twitter For Business Guide, Find Relevant Followers and Attract the Right Audience

How to Sustain Momentum When It Comes to Increasing Twitter Followers

Keeping followers is the easy part.  All you need to do is be professional, polite and share like your mother told you.  In order to build credibility and quench your follower’s content thirst, you’ll need to feed them yummy, interesting and valuable content.

Valuable content, you’ll hear those word floating around a lot in the online marketing world.  Don’t take those two words for granted.  Your followers will continue to follow you, share your VALUABLE content and become your brand ambassadors as long as you have what they expect from your brand.

Valuable content comes in the form of informative articles, product updates or free downloadable action guides like the ones posted in our sidebar on the right.  That content could be as simple as informative infographics or as complicated as sharing mini courses with your audience.

Sustain follower growth by having consistent postings, sharing content other than your own and being responsive.  Interact with your audience and ask them to help you spread the good word about your brand and what it has to offer.

Oh again remember “Please” and “Thank You” go a long way.

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Again you can download the complete Twitter For Business Guide, Find Relevant Followers and Attract the Right Audience to help you increase and maintain your follower momentum.

If you are still on the fence about what Twitter has to offer then the139 page  Dig Deep Twitter Marketing Action Sheets Guide is a great place to start.  The book includes as a bonus 14 worksheets to assist any Entrepreneur with learning how to take full advantage of what Twitter has to offer.  At the same time, the actual actions sheets will walk you through what needs to be in place to make the most of your Twitter activity.

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