Guide Followers into the Twitter Sales Funnel with Powerful Call-to-Actions

Guide Followers into the Twitter Sales Funnel with Powerful Call-to-Actions

This is part 7 of the 10 part series Creating Twitter Marketing Success

There are a couple of terms contained and included within the title of this article that need some clarification.

  • Guide Followers
  • Sales Funnel
  • Call-to-Actions

Guiding Followers

I pretty much know that if I put Twitter and followers in the same headline that I’ll assuredly get more responses than normal.  There is something about the getting more followers fast that will increase those responses exponentially.  The kicker is getting those followers to do what you want them.

The question for you is……

Are your followers behaving the way you expect and want them too?

I’ve already discuss how to Increase Marketing Momentum by Increasing Twitter Followers .  We as business folk need to change our way of thinking when it comes to using the online networks to make sales.  Sure it is great to have ten thousand followers, but how many of those followers are relevant, quality and targeted potential customers.

Marketing 101 states that you should always have a plan or strategy to get your potential followers from point A to point Z.  Of course you want to eliminate as many obstacles as possible and turn point A-Z into point A-B.

There are ways to accomplish this task and ways to make your efforts pay off in the end.  I don’t use the term “Return-on-Investment” lightly.  If you are not getting the ROI you expect, then it may be time to rethink your plan of attack.

Here a a few great ways to gently but effectively guide your followers in to your profit funnel.

  • Add Value – That is a given.  If you intend to whoo your audience give them something to love you for.  Now notice I’m not using the word share free content because free is not always a good thing.   Besides complimentary sound so much better than free.  The point is that Value is the operative word.
  • Understand Your Audience – What are they looking for.  Give them what they want.  If you are unsure ask.  If you don’t ask, you will never really know if what you are putting out to your online community is really worthy of your efforts.  Try your had at Twitter polls.  You would be surprised at the responses your will receive.
  • Be Creative With a Purpose – Test different methods and messages within your Tweets and offers to entice your crowd to follow you to the second location.  That location could be your website or your brick and mortar store.
  • Attract the Right Prospects – Really think about those YOU follow.  Why are you following them?  Do the owners of those Twitter profiles fit within your customer demographics?  Remember those you follow, in most instances, will follow you back.  However, if they don’t fit within your customer demographics then your guidance will most likely fall on deaf ears, so to speak.
  • Leave Appealing Bread Crumbs – Twitter followers can be distracted very easily.   After all there is a lot of noise going on in the Twitter world.  Why not be the distraction and wave some shine incentives in front of you followers to lead them to the magical selling pace.

Sales Funnel

Before I dig into the topic of Sales Funnels answer these three questions…

  1. Is Twitter part of your sales funnel?
  2.  Do you have a sales funnel and how is it working for you?
  3. Are you attracting the right people (followers) who will possibly become buyers?

As a business owner the answer should be yes and thank you for asking to all of the above.  If the answer is no and you’ve never given it any thought, then brainstorming should by your next step.  Walk away from the computer or mobile device now and get your pen and paper out because you got work to do.

If you are with the “No Sales Funnel” crowd you are not alone.  Winging it is a favorite strategy for many (Air Quotes) “Entrepreneurs”.  They fly by the seat of their pants and work things out in a very haphazard manner.

Don’t be That Guy!

I call that hip pocket marketing.  Good luck with that one if you are “That Guy”.

Every business has a sales model AND most do have a sales funnel in place.  Take a look at yours.  See how the Twitter Network can fit within your Sales funnel.  How can you GUIDE the RIGTH followers into your profit funnel?

An example would be the use of Twitter website cards.  You can add buttons that have links to your magical selling place.  In addition use stunning images that spark specific behaviors.

You’ll want those behaviors to be in line with your sales goals so you GUIDE your RELEVANT followers to the proper place.


Don’t know what a Call-to-Action is?  Then you shouldn’t be in business.

The phrase alone “Call-to-Action” is powerful when spoken in business language. The fact is that you can’t have any marketing campaign without knowing what and how to use Call-to-Action.

Calls to Action simply put is telling your viewer, listeners or readers what to do.  That may sound controlling and you may come off as being bossy, but there is no better way to get your audience to follow you, like you, show your expertise, view your landing page, or buy, buy buy from you.

Put It All Together

Let me first say that it is ok to be bossy when it comes to business social.  Twitter can be very noisy and fast pace. At the same time followers expect to read not just one but many, often hundreds of short 140 character or less messages in the form of Tweets.

Expectations of most entrepreneurs are low, because they don’t understand that the selling has to be made in a more comfortable place than in the noise room that is your follower’s Twitter feed.

You must devise a way to guide them to the place where the magic happens.  I love that phrase “Guiding people to the place where the magic happens”.

Here are a few tactics to gently nudge your audience in the right direction…

*Develop meaningful online relationships.

*Consistently share relevant content that is in line with your brand, but benefits you audience.

*Create Tweets that are geared towards results for your subject matter.

*Finally be blunt and to the point and flat out tell you followers what to do. Don’t make any assumptions for you follower’s actions. Tell them what to do next so they don’t have to think about it.  Otherwise your followers will quickly glance at your Tweet, maybe and keep it moving.

The best way to guide your followers toward the magic place is by adding a call-to-action to each and every Tweet.

Make no mistake you won’t be able to sell a thing on Twitter, but you can guide our followers to your website, give them great content to keep them coming back for me and give your readers your sales pitch on your own turf.

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