Learning What Tweetability Means and Grow Twitter Following With Quality Leads

Learning What Tweetability Means and Grow Twitter Following With Quality Leads

This is part 4 of the 10 part series Creating Twitter Marketing Success

Learning What Tweetability Means and Grow Twitter Following With Quality Leads is easy and simple if you have a basic understanding of Twitter and the real reasons business uses Twitter for Marketing in the first place.

You know the rules for Twitter right?

You have 140 Characters to use for your Tweets.

You need to Tweet a lot to get noticed.

You need to follow lots of people.

That all sounds good, but a bit more finesse is needed where Twitter marketing is concerned.

A Tweet is just a Tweet unless you give some thought as to how to give your Tweets some legs.  As an entrepreneur, visibility to connect with the right audience, communicate with followers and lead them into your brand’s sales funnel should be top priority.

You’ll see it written on this social media consultant’s blog over and over again, have social media goals and objectives that make sense for your brand.  Those goals and objectives will make a world of difference as to how you word marketing Tweets.

Remember that there needs to be a mix of promotional and informational types of content.  Followers will be acceptant of self-advertising as long as the majority of the content is useful to them.

First have goals and objective and next know your audience avatar.  An avatar is basically the characteristics of your ideal audience, your real audience and not the one in your utopian dreams.

Definition of Avatar
Webster Dictionary Definition of Avatar

Now Build Your Tweets Like a Social Media Rock Star

All of the above information gathered together in 140 characters equals Tweetability.

Tweetabililty(Urban Dictionary) – The ability to consistently create important Tweets without going over the top.  Relaying the most important information of your day.

Now this isn’t a word you’ll find in Webster’s dictionary, but that does not mean that it doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.

Tweetability is making your communications worth resharing or better yet crafting Tweets worth sharing in the first place.

It also means giving your audience what they want and expect from your brand.  Who wants to follow the NBA if they never talk about sports or a life coach that only Tweets about their children.  We all love kids but when I follow a life coach I expect to see some positive life advice come across my newsfeed. You’ll need to make your Tweets relevant.

I’m a social media consultant who specialize in Twitter management.  I Tweet about social media tips, Twitter marketing and I share tons of Twitter Tips.   That is what is relevant to my brand.  (Follow us on Twitter)

Here Are 10 Elements to Up Your Tweeting Tweetability

Have an Idea Relevant to Your Brand – Take stock of content to share that’ll bring your followers into the fold of your brand.  Some examples would be product updates, how to use your products, images of your products, links to testimonials of your products, Tweets in reference to product launches.  I think you get the point.

Your Tweets should Have a Natural Flow.  Here are a few Tweets to demonstrate what I mean.

Grow Twitter Following


Grow Twitter Following

Remember all audiences on Twitter have extremely short attention spans.  Catch their attention quickly, get your point across fast, tell them what to do next and show them where to go.

Shift from Me Me Me to You You You – No one wants to follow someone who only Tweets their own stuff.  You can avoid being perceived as a jerk and Retweet any relevant content in your industry.  This will allow your brand to be seen as a resource and not just a one-note company only looking for a dollar.

Yes, dollars are important but leads and customer are human beings and should be treated as such.

Perceived value can go along way to building trust.  Know, like and trust is what you’re going for.  The type of content you Tweet will be part of the trust building strategy.  Goodwill and brand awareness also fit into this category.  Here are some examples.

Grow Twitter Following


Grow Twitter Following


Images Say a Lot.  It’s not always possible to attach an image to every Tweet.  But it is possible to make every effort to use images whenever you can.  It is a proven fact that images attract more engagement.

Tweets With Images Are Good

Grow Twitter Following

Tweets With Large Images Are Great

Grow Twitter Following

Tweets That Tell a Story, PRICELESS!

Grow Twitter Following

Special Note:  Size images properly.  Stretched images serve no purpose.

Include Marketing Elements in all your business Tweets.

Those Elements include:

  • URL links for more information to read, sign up or download your latest and greatest ebook for example.
  • Call-to-Action so your followers will know what to do next.  Don’t assume that they’ll automatically know how you would like for them to behave.  Make it clear with a call-to-action.
  • Relevant Messages are core strategic objectives for any social media marketing plan.  If it isn’t in line with your brand it will serve no purpose.
  • Professionalism is also super important.  This includes how Tweets and direct messages are replied to.  The way you respond and Tweet will set the tone for your brand.  Remember business is business and should always be professional.
  • Polite means being nice like hopefully you mother trained you to be.  This goes without saying and some common sense should always be used when Tweeting.  Don’t Tweet something that you would not say in person or even to your mother.  Remember politeness is like honey, it draws more flies.  That would be good flies which are leads in this context.
  • Pertinent information should be shared.  This again means be relevant with your messages.
  • Large Images are super important for your Tweets to be seen in speedy Twitter feeds.  Use them whenever possible and add text for additionally share-ability.

Keywords and hashtags are used to boost a Tweet’s reach by giving Tweets SEO (Search Engine Optimization) energy or juice.  I know that is a bit exaggerated but it is what it is.

 Hashtag Fuel Makes Keywords Super-Charged

Here is a whole post on dedicated to hashtags or you can grab the complimentary hashtag guide here.

Grow Twitter Following

Part of  being Tweetable is making sure the URL you use is valid.  That means no bait and switches and making sure your links actually work.  I must admit when using automation the wrong images sometimes get picked up that doesn’t match the message.  It is not a deal breaker if this happens every now and then.  If it happens too often you my want to rethink the 3rd party automation services you are using.

Be a Trusted Source of Information.  Give followers what they expect and always share value-added content, don’t be spammy or promotional.  Also being responsive to inquiries doesn’t hurt.

Tweetability encompasses what you Tweet and how you Tweet it.  Make every 140 characters count in a strategic way.

Again you can download the complete Twitter For Business Guide, Find Relevant Followers and Attract the Right Audience to help you increase and maintain your follower momentum.

If you are still on the fence about what Twitter has to offer then the Dig Deep Twitter Marketing Action Sheets Guide is a great place to start.  The book includes as a bonus 14 worksheets to assist any Entrepreneur with learning how to take full advantage of what Twitter has to offer.  At the same time the actual actions sheets will walk you through what needs to be in place to make the most of your Twitter activity.

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