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Elizabeth Hall is the CEO and founder of Smart Office Help Social Media Management.  As a Social Media Manager she wears many hats and understands what needs to be done to grow your business brand and have your voice heard in the noisy virtual world.

Elizabeth is also the host of Smart Office Help’s informative and amazing “Smart Social Media Podcast” where she discuss’ topics related to all things social media, great & small. Use that information to tweak your social media brand on multiple platforms.

We welcome you to follow Smart Social Media Blast blog where you’ll find more tips & tools you can use to tweak your social media presence on multiple platforms.

Elizabeth Hall is the face behind Smart Office Help Social Media Management.  She hangs her hat in Central Florida and occasionally opts for working at the beach. She is a mother of two who started working virtually in 2003.  She also worked during seven of those years as a military subcontractor overseas in Afghanistan & Iraq.

She is currently a full time social media & lifestyle blogger. Elizabeth has been working virtually for more than 10 years with two fabulous children in tow.



Smart Social Media Blast blog is dedicated to distributing powerful social media information and tools. Topics help the readers increase their expertise and optimize communication using social media.

Elizabeth’s Liz’s Fantabulous Day blog is a personal lifestyle blog.  Topics are related to wellness, fitness and travel. This blog was originally created as a personal journal to record her travels around the world.


Smart Social Media Notes Podcast – This show’s purpose is to provide educational information in reference to social media platforms, sprinkled with some business tips as well. All this is shared in a podcasting format enabling you to listen when and where you choose.

Fan Day Radio – Topics that you will hear about include Liz’s life updates, motivational info, gear bag updates, training updates, product/book/movie (etc.) reviews, comment love worth mention, Elizabeth’s picks (blogs, podcast, websites, TV shows, etc.) & shout outs. All content is related to wellness, fitness & travel.

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