022 Why We Dropped Facebook Marketing Services to Focus on Twitter Marketing Services

022 Why We Dropped Facebook Marketing Services to Focus on Twitter Marketing Services

I was very apprehensive about writing this tell all article to states in detail why we dropped Facebook Marketing services to focus on Twitter Marketing services.  The past year has been a year of seriously crazy social networking interface changes.

I’m all for change but even as a social media professional, I’ve found it difficult to keep up.  So finally I’ve made the SMART decision to focus our services specifically on Twitter Marketing.

Narrowing into a specific niche isn’t anything new when it comes to deciding what to offer to clients.  As a matter of fact this will allow us to provide outstanding services to our clients on a social network that makes more sense when it comes to online marketing.

Now I’m not turning business away if our clients really want to market their businesses on other social networks.  After all the customer is not so much always right, but they make the final decisions on how they want their marketing handled based on their specific business needs.

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Why We Dropped Facebook Management

Facebook Services vs Twitter Services, Twitter MarketingWell, Facebook management is not the only management services we dropped. We are no longer providing services for Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest.  I’ll tell you a secret.  We stopped managing Facebook accounts back in 2014.

The decision was based purely on our ability to provide the absolute best ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients.  We’ve found that Twitter definitely has what it takes to reach a greater amount of potential clients, have meaningful communications and also advertise to those that follow.  Also Twitter has an extremely affordable advertising platform.

That’s big because we are not only in the business to make money for Smart Office Help but we want to provide services that contribute to the success of our client’s goals that won’t break the bank.

Facebook instituted an algorithm that benefits those brands that decide to advertise.  I’m not hating on the process and I understand that it was purely a business decision for Facebook.  Of course it sucks for any brands that want to attempt to pick up business using free social media marketing tactics.

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Twitter Marketing

Comparing Apples to Apples When Measuring Success

I’m going to reveal data that would make most social media professionals cringe in their seats.  That’s because most social media professionals don’t really manage their own accounts very well.  We however do, because we practice what we preach.

I’m not bad mouthing my peers.  Some of them do their jobs extremely well.  Also I believe in being transparent with my clients.   If you are on the hunt for social media management or you are looking for an online marketing consulting firm, keep that in mind.

Let me break it down for you even more. We started Smart Office Help’s social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, at the exact same time which was in September of 2013.  Those accounts also included:

We started building our followers at that point in time from zero.  We also put in equal efforts to promote our business on both social networks with a goal to increase followers, have vigorous conversations with our audience, drive targeted lead generated traffic back to our website and increase online visibility for increased brand awareness.  With that in mind here are some Key Stats.

Special Notes:

  • Not all Likes or Followers are within our niche audience demographics.  We know that and you should understand that also for your brand’s accounts.
  • This is a snapshot of data extracted from one week only.  Of course numbers look a lot better when you expand the range of dates.
  • We are in the social media profession business which is highly saturated at this time making it harder to attract potential fans on Facebook.  Don’t feel sorry for us we love what we do.  We’re also loving Twitter more than Facebook right now.
  • You should know we call our own social media accounts test dummies.  If we can’t make it work for ourselves we sure as @#$% won’t try it on our clients accounts.
Initial Follower/Fan Count Current Follower/Fan Count Post Views/Reach Number of Engagements for week
Twitter 0 30,000 5700 per Day 180
Facebook 0 171 6.5 per Day 1

Twitter Marketing

What Do the Results Mean?

  • It’s a numbers game when it comes to visibility.  The more followers/fans your social media account has the more reach in terms of visibility it will have.
  • It is easier to attract, communicate and guide followers to our website using Twitter.
  • The conversations are alive and well on Twitter where as Facebook has mostly tumbleweed on it.
  • We have found an increase in reach and website traffic when we advertise on Facebook.
  • Even with low post reach we have still seen some sales conversions from Facebook activity.
  • The above table does not show the full extent of our analysis.

This is actual data from our accounts.  Some of our clients accounts are doing much better on Facebook, but keep in mind they may have had more tenure there or have been using paid advertising. This comparison is based only on our brands accounts.

What Would This Mean if We Were Our Own Clients?

This would mean that we would recommend focusing more efforts on the social networks that are obtaining higher return on investment.  We would not recommend shutting the Facebook account down by any means. Although the organic reach is horrible, the advertising reach is great.

We would also recommend that more effort, time and funds be shifted toward Facebook if indeed the client really wanted to pursue Facebook Marketing. However, the jury is still out for us, Smart Office Help. We’ll still have an active Facebook presence, but our focused  efforts will be on the Twitter network where we get at least 5,700 view per day instead of maybe 7 or so.

Why We Dropped Facebook Marketing Services to Focus on Twitter Marketing Services

Here is How to Measure if Change is Good for Your Brand

The numbers don’t lie if you compare apples to apples just as we did.  It is easy to get emotionally attached to Facebook after all everyone is “supposedly” (Visualize me using Air Quotes)  using it.  Facebook offers some very good statistical data that most brands fail to use.  Focus on the in-depth account insights and not the number of LIKES on your Facebook page.

LIKES are just as the name implies and doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if those likes are not people or brands that have an intention of working with your or buy from you.  The same can be said for Twitter followers.

Also Twitter offers specific analytics to help you to determine what Tweets work best, what are the best times to Tweet and it will also shows you great demographic information on your audience.  You’ll be able to see at a glance if the majority of your followers fit within your targeted audience.  That is huge.

Don’t Count Smart Office Help Social Media Agency Out Just Yet For General Social Media Services

Yes we are still super active on all the other major social networks.  We will continue to patronize Facebook and manage Facebook accounts at the request of our clients.  We won’t however advertise or activity seek out business for Facebook Marketing.

Yes we will manage those networks if you ask.  As we are social sponges we will continue to test and figure out what works for our clients and make valid recommendations for the best course of actions based on the numbers.

Yes we do still keep up with all things social media. Which means we still have the ability to handle social media services across the board.

We are continually sharpening our skills on Twitter Marketing but will continue to stay knowledgable on all the social networking sites.  This means you will continue to see a mix of social media tutorials produced and posted to our Smart Office Help on YouTube Accounts.

We’ll also continue to created superb social media marketing articles like this one for you so you stay social informed.

Twitter Marketing Guide- DOUBLE Traffic

We are also in the process of creating Twitter Marketing Training courses that dig deep into the business aspects of using Twitter for Marketing. Those training course will be updated consistently to add additional value to already jammed pack Twitter courses that will help your brand get results.

It is important to note that should you enroll in any of our courses you will have lifetime access.  Lifetime access to current and highly valuable Twitter Marketing content.

Where to Go From Here

We’ll be posting even more Free Social Media Articles that encompasses all the social networks to include online business social media strategies.  As the networks make changes well pass on what we learn and what we know will work for any business when it comes to increasing online visibility and guiding potential leads into brand’s sales funnels.

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What are your thoughts on Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing?  Has it been a network that has been success for your brand?

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  1. I found this article interesting, as I’ve been connecting more myself with my intended audience via Twitter instead of Facebook. Reasons: 1) Twitter is highly keyword oriented, so keywords I use in tweets attract followers looking for info directly related to what I post. 2) The whole “friends” thing gets rather muddy on Facebook. Even connecting directly with Followers of a public page can be awkward unless you Friend them. I don’t really want to Friend strangers and also lead them to my personal family info. But I love connecting with like-minded strangers on Twitter. They don’t have to know about my personal life — we can simply share great info with each other, the way you would with people you meet at a conference. I have learned so much and connected with so many great people on Twitter who I would never have found (or may not have found me) via Facebook.

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