Basic Podcast Gear

Basic Podcast Gear

I’ve been podcasting for years.  You’ll see some pretty expensive podcasting equipment for sale online.  I’m here to tell you it doesn’t take a lot of money to produce a podcast.  It will take time, but not hoards of money.  Also, I will say the links on this page are affiliate links; however, unlike most affiliate marketers, I didn’t choose the most expensive items to list.

I have used all software and items below to produce a high quality podcast.  If you don’t want to use what you see, it is ok.  I understand.  This will undoubtably give you a head start to producing your very own podcast.

Good luck!

Podcast Editing Software

Audacity-logo-r_50pctAudacity is a free downloadable software used to record and edit your podcast files.  I used this software when I first started, but found I quickly need more.  It is still a great software to start with in my opinion.



GaragebandGarageband is free provided by Apple.  It is a free software which is include with all Mac Books.  I you have an apple computer & you don’t have Garageband just hit the link and downloaded it for free.






You could record your podcast on your computer.  I tried & it sucked!  Computer microphones will pick up all kinds of crazy sounds.  If you want quality sound you will have to use an external microphone source.

Blue Snow Ball MicrophoneBlue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Brushed Aluminum) – This is an awesome microphone which can be set up in the blink of an eye.  You pull it out of its box, or hiding place, plug in the USB connection and you are ready to record.  The sound is fantastic.  It also has a couple of setting to change the incoming sound. If you want to record a quick podcast episode in you closet, then this is a terrific starter mic.  In fact I still use mines on occasion.



Behringer Podcast Studio Behringer PODCASTUDIO USB

It doesn’t get any more basic than this.  Great for your first podcasting studio. I still use mine to do some quick recording with great sound.




microphone pop filter Nady MPF-6 6-Inch Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter – This is a must have item for podcasting.  It not only looks cool, but it will save your listeners from disturbing sounds coming from your mouth.  It also adds to the audio quality of any recording.




 Additional Editing Software I Regularly Use

  ScreenFlow is an audio/visual editing software.  Not only do I use it for editing my recorded videos, but I also use it for recording podcast.  It is easy to use and has high quality functionality.  I would highly recommend this software.  It is for MAC ONLY!

 Camtasia Studio 8 is also an audio/visual editing software for PC users.  It is a must have if you are diversifying your business model to include podcasting or making videos.


Hosting Services to Store Your Podcast

You will definitely need to have a hosting service under your belt if you want to syndicate your podcast.  This way other can enjoy you podcast without you lifting a finger.

    Web Hosting for only 1 Penny!  Hostgator is a great hosting resource for your website or blog.  They offer great packages to get you started.
New Hosting Plans On Sale now at!
New Hosting Plans On Sale now at!Free Domain With $6.95 Hosting Package – Godday is another hosting service that I have used for years.



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