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Smart Office Help is a Orlando Social Media Management Company.  Our goal is to assist businesses with the integration, content creation & dissemination of data. This process in turn allows growth of customer/follower bases on social media networks.

“Smart Office Help Social Media Management’s mission is to grow networks through consistent follower engagement across diversified social network platforms.”

In the beginning….

Smart Office Help was founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Hall.  At the time there was a huge demand for outsourcing to reduce business cost.  At the same time those companies still needed to have regular daily task perform in order to maintain their company profitability.  The business model at that time was built around being an administrative virtual assistant & bookkeeping firm working with entrepreneurs remotely using online resources.

Along the way it has evolved into a full service social media management, consulting & monitoring service.  This was a natural progression since working remotely fits directly into social media marketing.

From 2013 to Present…

Smart Office Help has been reinvented into a Orlando Social Media Management Company helping those same types of entrepreneurs:

Grow their networks, increase their reach & build their customer base.
Nurture their customer relationships.
Develop additional opportunities to connect with their audiences on a regular basis.
Increase their following & targeted audience quicker.

Smart Office Help Social Media management has grown into an online social media resources providing unique and informative content, to include Smart Social Media Notes Podcast & The Smart Office Help YouTube Social Media Channel.  SOH continues to provide customized social medial services giving small business owners brand specific services that help meet their companies social media objectives & goals.

Elizabeth is joined by Belinda Johnson-Kelly to ensure all our clients get the attention they deserve.

“We Have a Passionate Social Media Outlook”

What exactly do we do?

We setup, monitor and manage social media accounts to maximize brand’s online social media presences.  The goal for all our client accounts are to increase and optimize online marketing visibility.

“We Understand Social Media is a Work in Progress”

We add value to our awesome community…

Producing social media tutorials on YouTube.

Offering free social media advice on the  Smart Social Media Blast Blog.

And providing social media learning on the go on the Smart Social Media Notes podcast.

You choose how to connect with us

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 “Our Team Connects on Social Media by Sharing, Monitoring, Interacting, Responding & Engaging.”

We are real people with a unique set of skills…. 

Social Media Manager
LinkedIn – Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall – CEO (Founder of Smart Office Help Social Media Management) Social Media Consultant, Social Media Trainer, Social Media Workshop Facilitator & WordPress Geek

Elizabeth started SOH as a way to add value to other small business owners by alleviating the stress of managing their social media channels. She believes traditional marketing is good, but if social media is added to the mix your marketing becomes great.

Elizabeth has an extensive accounting background and truly understand the nuts an bolts of how to stretch a dollar when needed.  She also understand that along with stretching a dollar you must squeeze every penny out of your marketing budget to get the biggest bang for the dollar.

In 2006 she decided to work overseas as a subcontractor for a logistics company serving the US military. Along the way she picked up additional skills when it comes to using social media to connect when there was no way to physically be in front of clients.

Now currently back in the US and out of the war zone she plans on continuing to assist business owners, brands and organizations to thrive online using social media.

Although Smart Office Help transformed into a Orlando Social Medial Management Company Elizabeth felt the need to continue to provided administrative virtual assistant services.    That’s where the second half of the team comes in.   I would also like to introduce……

“The people behind Smart Office Help Orlando Social Media Management are as important as the company itself.”

Virtual Assistant
LinkedIn – Belinda Johnson-Kelly

Belinda Johnson-Kelly – Executive Administrative Virtual Assistant & Project Manager. She is a value added member of the SOH Team.  She brings a wealth of administrative and organizational skills along with social media experience to the table.

The beauty of having a virtual assistant like Belinda is the fact that she works from her location providing quality services to those business owners who need to be more productive.

Belinda resides in Indiana but works closely with Elizabeth to provide seamless services to overworked and overwhelmed business owners.

Belinda worked with the Boys and Girls Club of America providing administrative support to top executives.  Having the need to spend more time with her family she decided to come on board with SOH.

I welcome her with loving arms.  I know she will be a huge asset to our team.

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