017 14 Huge YouTube Business Marketing Benefits

017 14 Huge YouTube Business Marketing Benefits

YouTube is one of the most powerful networks used by those that understand that it can boost brand awareness and increase website traffic.

Here are some facts that need to be considered before you decide to use YouTube as part of your social media marketing:

14 Huge YouTube Business Marketing Benefits SmartOfficeHelp.com-itunesYouTube Business Marketing Benefits

Google owns YouTube.  That means it has strong SEO links to the worlds largest search engine.  That means higher visibility when it comes to those looking for topics within your industry. Although Google is the number one search engine, guess which network is consider the number two search engine?  You guessed it YouTube.

Videos rank higher in search engines rankings than text content.  It is all about being found and expanding your brand’s reach when it comes to online business marketing.

YouTube is a visual social media network.  Humans are visual beings.  People love watching others instruct and entertain. It is a way to make the sale in an automated way.

There are literally billions of views on YouTube Daily.  There is bound to be some potential clients searching for information for what you have to offer.

Video is highly sharable.  They are fun to share and are viral in nature.  This is especially true if the videos are entertaining.

Most of the major social media networks allow you the user to publish videos housed from YouTube in status updates.

You can produce videos and store them on YouTube so you never have to worry about server space.  Bandwidth saved is money in your pocket. Think about it, if you publish a lot of videos server space would become an issue at some point.  We at Smart Office Help can attest to this fact.  As I’m writing this post we have over 70 published YouTube videos and many more that we have created waiting in the wings to be released.

Which brings us to the next benefit.  That being cost.  It is cost-effective to use YouTube for getting the word out about your services and products.  It can be relatively inexpensive to produce and publish videos on YouTube’s free network. YouTube is free and popular.  That spells increased marketing reach.

If you think creating videos, editing and uploading is difficult then think again.  Once you learn the basics you can do all three in a relatively short amount of time. 

It is up to you, the entrepreneur, to be as creative as possible when it comes to advertising.  YouTube is one of those creative options.  Your audience wants and deserves different ways to consume your high quality content, so make sure you deliver.

Videos you post on YouTube can become evergreen in nature.  That means they stay in play until they are remove.  Of course the relevancy of the content will be up to the viewer.  For instance if a user of an older model computer with an outdated operating system is looking for information, they will most likely be able to find the content they are looking for on YouTube.  However the business that posted that video may now have additional videos posted for new operating systems.  The viewer could possibly be swayed by the newer material to upgrade.  Their first choice could possibly be the videos producer.  That is powerful!

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Repurposing content takes on new meaning.  You can not only post videos but also audio.  You could turn blog post into presentations and turn those into videos.  I could go on and on and so can your unique content.  A great example is how we now publish a blog post, record audio for the podcast using that same blog post, then posting the podcast on YouTube.  That is 3 pieces of content that we created that can be use over and over again, not to mention the images that can also be repurposed in different ways.

YouTube allows you to reach a massive audience.  It is not limited to your home town.  YouTube caters to an international audience.  Also using closed captions makes your video reach even larger.

Videos, if done correctly can add personality to your brand.  This means that your brand will be developing relationships every-time someone presses the play button or even subscribes.

Using video is a great way to demonstrate your product and yes also services.  There is nothing more powerful than show and tell.

I think you get the point. 🙂

14 Huge YouTube Business Marketing Benefits shared by Elizabeth hall SmartOfficeHelp.com

The Elephant in the Room

Although there are many, many benefits there are some important facts that still need to be considered.  You’ll remain the owner of your published videos; although, YouTube will own the platform.  It is import to keep copies of anything that you produce.  YouTube could possible shut down, which is highly unlikely, and your video productions will be out of gas.

Also know that you won’t be the only business in your industry posting videos in your niche.  You can however do a bit of corporate espionage and one up your competition.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that you won’t be able to remove the YouTube branding from your videos and add your brand’s logo.  It’s ok because YouTube video hosting has become a standard for business use.  You’ll however need to seek other options if you need protected video content.

In any case the pro’s outweigh the cons.  There are always workarounds.

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Are you using YouTube Business Marketing to your advantage?  How are you benefiting?

Post your YouTube Channel in the comments. Ours is Youtube.com/SmartOfficeHelp

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